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Advisory Group

1 Objectives 


 The group shall:

  • Work closely together (with any other committee, group, or individual within the trust) to evolve a clear set of protocols and working practices and to make recommendations to the Trust Board for the benefit of all our children.
  • Identify and address common issues or concerns that are affecting our schools, in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort. 
  • Develop and influence a shared framework of values, policies and priorities, across our schools, whilst maintaining their individual unique identities.
  • Exchange ideas, strengthen skills and share examples of good practice across all areas of the trust.
  • To provide a platform for all our schools, parents, and staff to raise issues, concerns or compliments.

2 Membership 


Membership shall be:

  • The chairs* of each individual academy trust school’s governing body and chair of New College
  • Two teacher** representatives from across all our schools, (one primary, one secondary)
  • Two non-teacher** representatives from across all our schools, (one primary, one secondary)
  • Parent** representatives from across all our schools, (at least two, one primary, one secondary)
  • Any member of the Trust Board including the CEO should they wish to attend

*A representative may attend on behalf of a chair if the chair is not available.

**The teacher, non-teacher and parent representatives should ideally be governors
2.2 Quorum is set at 50% of current membership plus one. In order to for recommendations to be passed on to the Trust Board, the meeting must be quorate as above, and a majority consensus must have been achieved in favour of doing so.

3 Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair 

3.1 At the first meeting of the group each Trust year, the group shall appoint a Chair from among their number. 
3.2 The Chair shall hold office for one year, and until the first meeting of the group of each Trust year. 
3.3 At the end of the term of office the Chair shall be eligible for re- appointment. 
3.4 If the Chair are absent from any meeting of the group, the group shall choose one of their number to act as Chair for that meeting. 

4 Meetings 



  • Each meeting of the group will be formally clerked, with the minutes being approved by the chair prior to distribution to the members of the group and Trust board. 

Frequency and Venue of Meetings

  • The group will meet every two months, to synchronise with the Trust's Board Meetings. The annual meetings schedule being agreed at the end of each academic year. The meetings will be hosted on a 'round robin' basis by member schools. 

5 Working Methods 

5.1 Topics for discussion should be raised by members of the group, and matters referred from the Trust Board. These should be where possible to the chair of the group two weeks prior to the next meeting to be included on the next agenda.
5.2 Other people may be invited to join meetings on a one-off basis to aid discussion of particular topic, for example, as speakers, observers or invited guests.
5.3 It may be appropriate at times to form sub-groups to undertake work and further progress specific issues or initiatives.

6 Confidentiality 

6.1 Group members must be mindful of the sensitive and confidential nature of some of the topics that may be discussed, and if they are in any doubt about the sensitivity of information, they must not discuss or disclose details outside of the group. 
6.2 If clarification on the confidentiality of a topic is required these should be directed to the chair of the group or the Chair / CEO of the Trust.

Committee Members

Ref No.




Ian Prout

The King’s School (Chair of Governors)


Kebir Berry MBE

Carleton Community High School (Chair of Governors)


Julie Mayhew

Larks Hill J&I School (Chair of Governors)


Karen Byram

Orchard Head JI & N School (Chair of Governors)


Trish Hollis

De Lacy Primary School (Chair of Governors)


Mike Farrell

The Rookeries Carleton J&I School (Chair of Governors)


David Watson

Halfpenny Lane JI & N School (Chair of Governors)


David Wilkin

Carleton Park J&I School (Chair of Governors)


John Gough

Pontefract New College (Chair of Governors)


Farah Holmes

Carleton Park J&I School (Teacher)


Ian McIntyre

Larks Hill J&I School (Teacher)


Gareth Evans (Chair of Group)

Orchard Head JI&N School (Parents)


Anthony Dee

Carleton Community High School (Parents)