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Chief Executive Officer

Julie Anne Craig is the Chief Executive Officer for the Trust.  Julie has significant successful experience as the former Headteacher of The King's School since 2000.  As Headteacher she led the school through three consecutive Ofsted inspections prior to resigning from this role in 2014 to focus full time on her role as Chief Executive Officer for the Trust.

As the Chief Executive Officer for the Trust Julie is also designated by the funding agreement as the Trust’s Accounting Officer and is responsible to the Trust Board and Secretary of State for ensuring that the financial administration of the Trust’s affairs is in accordance with the Funding Agreement and/or Articles of Association. 

In practice, this means that she is the key individual who links the accountability and governance structures of the Trust.  She is also a member of the Trust Board ensuring that it acts within its powers and that its policies reflect legislative requirements, national policies and local requirements.  She ensures that the Trust acts in the public interest in all its actions.

Particular responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring regularity (that public money is spent for the purposes intended by Parliament)
  • Ensuring propriety (that expenditure and receipts are dealt with in accordance with Parliamentary intentions – developing and maintaining appropriate standards of conduct, behaviour and corporate governance in the application of funds)
  • Ensuring prudent and economical administration (keeping proper financial records and accounts and risk management processes to ensure that opportunities are not overlooked)
  • Avoiding waste and extravagance
  • Securing Value for Money through the efficient, effective and economical use of available resources
  • Ensuring day to day organisation, staffing and management of the Trust (determining the strategic direction of the trust and turning policy aspirations into reality; setting high standards of financial probity and financial management, and ensuring that these are communicated to staff).
  • Ensuring the trust board and governing body members receive the information that they need to perform their roles effectively.