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In general terms, the responsibilities of a Pontefract Academies Trust Member are:

  • Be a ‘guardian’ of the Academy Trust;
  • Ensure that the Academy Trust is acting within its Objects as set out in the Articles;
  • Safeguard and promote the values of the Academy Trust and its vision;
  • Support the Academy Trust and be an advocate for it;
  • Carry out their business effectively, including induction of new Members and a commitment to the continued professional development of Members.
  • A Member may attend or send a nominee to attend any Member's meeting of the Academy Trust. A nominee will be entitled to exercise the same powers of the member which they represent;
  • Appoint (and where necessary remove) one or more Directors of the Academy Trust.

The Founding Members are those who subscribed to the Trust's Memorandum of Association.  Other Members are appointed by existing Members


Meetings of Members of an Academy Trust are called ‘General Meetings’ and the decisions they make are called ‘resolutions’.

The Members of an Academy Trust will meet at least once a year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  AGMs must be held no more than 15 months apart and the first AGM must be held within 18 months of the Academy Trust being registered with Companies House.  Technically, it is the Directors that call the AGM and the Directors can attend and speak at AGMs, although they cannot vote on resolutions.

The information made available to Members during the year and/or at the

AGM might include: 

  • The minutes of all Board of Directors meetings;
  • The Annual Accounts and Annual Return which should be submitted to Companies House;
  • Other additional information as the Members and Directors may agree to enable the Members to carry out their ‘guardianship’ role updates, details of any building works or site issues, report on the development of the school’s Christian ethos etc (although these issues will usually be adequately covered in the minutes of Board meeting).

It would be expected that Members would have the opportunity to discuss any matters contained in the information and ask questions.

During the course of the year, it would also be appropriate for the Directors to keep the Members up-dated on fundamental issues relating to the running of the Academy Trust.  These might include:

  • Any litigation involving members of staff (i.e. court proceedings/tribunal proceedings/criminal prosecutions) and in particular any which might reflect adversely on the Academy Trust;
  • Financial concerns which develop during the course of the financial year and in particular any financial concerns that might have an impact on the employment of staff or the delivery of the broad and balance curriculum which the Academy Trust is under a duty to offer;
  • Details of any Ofsted Inspections and other related external monitoring;
  • Resignation or the appointment of a Headteacher or other Senior Leader;
  • Vacancies arising on the Board for which the Members have responsibility.

In general, when serious issues arise for which the Members need to be informed or take action then it is the responsibility of the Chair of Directors to alert them and/or to convene a meeting if appropriate.

 Members Liabilities

The Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee.  That ‘guarantee’ is that each of the Members agrees to pay £10 each to any creditors of the Academy Trust in the event that the Academy Trust was wound up.

 Person Specification

It is an expectation of Pontefract Academies Trust that Members will have:

  • An understanding of the Vision and Mission of the Pontefract Academies Trust;
  • A commitment to the Academy Trust and its Objects;
  • A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to Academy Trust business with no expectation or intent of personal gain;
  • Effective communication skills and a willingness to ensure effective communication between Members and the Academy Trust;
  • An ability to hold others to account for their professional practice;
  • Good independent judgement;
  • An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of Members within company and charitable law.

 Register of Members

No. Name of Member Appointed by

Date Appointed

Date Ceased
1. Ulric Alphus Murray Founding 14.03.2013  
2. John Gough Founding 14.03.2013  
3. Jeff Allinson Founding 14.03.2013  
4. Stephen Evans Members 13.04.2015 16.09.2017
5. Robert Foreman Members 14.12.2015  
6. Julie Craig Members 02.05.2018