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Orchard Head Junior Infant & Nursery  School

Executive Headteacher John Parkin
Head of School Joanne Vickers
Chair of School Governance Committe Karen Byram
Designated Safeguarding Lead Joanne Vickers
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Gareth Evans
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) Anna Huby
Competent Person Ian Corbett
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Our school works in close partnership with the families of children in our school to ensure that every child, every day, learns and achieves.

We do this through:

Our Children:  The children in our school are at the very centre of school life.   We want them to feel welcomed, safe, secure and part of our school family.  They need to experience excitement, fun, enjoyment and challenge, so we provide a broad and balanced curriculum to meet these needs.  Children are expected to work hard and achieve the very best they are able to.  We want our children to be able to communicate with respect and value all of those around them, regardless of age, background, culture and belief and so we encourage and expect good manners, behaviour and conduct.  We want our children to have good memories of their time at Orchard Head – but also to take away with them achievement, confidence, respect for and tolerance of others and above all, curiosity – the vital ingredient that turns ability and application into real achievement.

Our Staff and Governors:  The staffin our school work hard and keep children at the very centre of school life.  They provide children with an exciting and creative curriculum, along with stimulating experiences which support their learning.  Our teachers know each child well and ensure learning experiences are differentiated, so that all children make the very best progress they can.  All our staff are caring, well trained, child focused and model good conduct and good behaviour, whether they work in the classroom, care for the building and grounds or have other roles in school, such as supporting attendance, providing lunches or supervision in the playground.  Our Governors also work hard to ensure children are kept at the very heart of school life.  They know and understand the school and its children’s needs and achievements well and are ambitious for their success.

Our Parents/Carers:  We regard parents/carers as the ‘prime educators’ of their child/ren and our role is to support them in this important role. Together, we all have high expectations – that children attend school every single day that it is possible for them to attend, that their behaviour and conduct will make us proud of them, that their achievements will be the very best we know them to be capable of, that their tolerance and respect for others will be a model to others and that their enjoyment and pleasure in learning will carry them forward, making them ambitious and successful in the rest of their school life.

Our Community: We see our community as being not just those around the school, but those beyond it as well.  We regard other local schools, businesses and organisations as potential partners with whom we can work to serve the needs of our children.  We also recognise that our school has a responsibility to serve our community and will look for ways in which we can achieve this goal.  

Our School Motto, RAVE - Respect, Appreciate and Value Everyone:  which means that at all times, every day, we show everyone in our school that we respect, appreciate and value them.  If we each treat everyone in this way, it makes our school a happy, safe, enjoyable and friendly place to visit, to work in and above all, to learn in.  As such we expect all stakeholders in the school to treat each other with respect and indeed this is what normally occurs.  However, it is important to make it clear, that we do not accept abuse, verbal or otherwise, of our staff or governors.