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Trust Board

1 Objectives 

1.1 To define and promote the vision and values of the Trust in accordance with the objects of the Articles of Association.
1.2 To ensure the vision and values of the Trust are carried out in compliance with all relevant legislation and the responsibilities conferred through the funding agreement with the Secretary of State.

02 Membership 

2.1 Directors of not less than 3 and up to 12 in number, shall be appointed to the Trust Board by the Members of Pontefract Academies Trust.
2.2 The total number of Directors including the Chief Executive Officer, who are employees of the Trust shall not exceed one third of the total number of Directors.
2.3 The Chief Executive Officer shall be a Director for as long as (s)he remains in office. 
2.4 The term of office for any Director shall be four years save that this time limit shall not apply to the Chief Executive Officer.
2.5 Quorum shall be any three Directors, or, where greater any one third of the total number of Directors holding office.

03 Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair 

3.1  At the first meeting of the Trust each Trust year, the Directors shall appoint a Chair and Vice Chair from among their number. 
3.2 The Chair and Vice Chair shall hold office for one year.
3.3 At the end of the term of office the Chair and Vice Chair shall be eligible for reappointment. 
3.4 If the Chair and Vice Chair are absent from any meeting of the Trust Board, the Directors shall choose one of their number to act as Chair for that meeting. 

04 Meetings 

4.1  Attendance    
  • The Trust Board has the authority to invite such persons to attend meetings as may be desirable and necessary.
  • The Company Secretary shall be the Clerk to the Trust Board pending any appointment of separate clerk who is not a Director. 
4.2  Frequency of Meetings    
  • Meetings shall be held not less than three times per year. 

05 Authority 

5.1 The Directors have the power to expend the funds of the Trust in such manner as they shall consider most beneficial for the achievement of the Objects and to invest in the name of the Company such part of the funds as they may see fit and to direct the sale or transposition of any such investments and to expend the proceeds of any such sale in furtherance of the Objects. 
5.2 To enter into contracts on behalf of the Trust. 
5.3 Any bank account in which any money of the Company is deposited shall be operated by the Directors in the name of the Trust. All cheques and orders for the payment of money from such an account shall be signed by at least two signatories authorised by the Directors. 
5.4 The Directors may appoint separate committees to be known as Local Governing Bodies for each school; and may establish any other committee.

06 Duties 

6.1  The duties of the Trust Board shall be:    
  • To act with the ‘utmost good faith’
  • To promote the success of the Trust
  • To exercise independent judgement
  • To exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence
  • To avoid conflicts of interest
  • To declare an interest in any proposed transaction or arrangement
  • to review the Trust Board’s membership and effectiveness on an annual basis to ensure that it has appropriate skills and relevant experience;
  • to ensure that the annual report and accounts of the Trust are prepared in accordance with the relevant Statement of Recommended Practice and parts 15 and 16 of the Companies Act 2006 and shall file these with the EFA by 31 December each year and publish on the Trust website by 31 January each year;
  • to ensure the Directors comply with their obligations under Part 24 of the Charities Act 2006 with regard to the preparation of an annual return to the Register of companies and with the EFA by 31 December each year;
  • Appoint the Chief Executive Officer and hold him/her to account for the performance of the Trust.
  • Appoint the Director of Finance, Business and Operations (Principal Finance Officer) in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer
  • Appoint school Headteachers
  • Appoint a clerk who is someone other than a member of the Trust Board
  • Develop policy and strategic plans including target setting
  • Agree policies for the sound management and administration of the Trust
  • Allocate the Trust’s financial, human and other resources
  • Agreeing a development (improvement) plan
  • Producing a Scheme of Delegation for the management of the Trust
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements
  • Ensuring sound management of the Trust’s finances and resources
  • Setting the Trust’s standards of conduct and values
  • Establishing and maintaining a transparent system of prudent and effective internal controls
  • Accounting to parents / carers and other stakeholders for the performance of the Trust
  • Appointing the Trust’s external auditors and approving arrangements for independent check of internal controls

register of trustees

Ref No.

Name of Trustee

Appointed by


Date of appointment

Date of Resignation


Phil Jones (Chair)




2. David Wilkin (Vice-Chair) Members 09/04/2014  


John Gough






Julian Appleyard





Andy Clarke




6. Elaine Shepherd Members 02/05/2018  

  register of trustees CEASED WITHIN LAST 12 MONTHS

  Name of Trustee

Appointed by

Date of appointment Date of Resignation
  Martin Kingsley Brooke Members 09/04/2014 04/06/2018
  Julie Ann Craig Members 01/04/2013 04/03/2018
  Jeff Allinson Founding Member 14/03/2013 04/03/2018
  Ulric A Murray Founding Member 14/03/2013 15/03/2017