Carleton Park J & I School among top three primary schools in the country

Carleton Park Junior and Infant School in Pontefract has been proudly recognised as the third best primary school in the country. The school have also been ranked, by recent school performance tables, as West Yorkshire’s joint best school overall, along with Carlton Junior and Infant School in Dewsbury.

The school’s success is deeply rooted in a carefully cultivated culture that permeates the entire school community. The motto “Be the best you can be” serves as a driving force, not only felt within the school but mirrored by parents, carers, and the broader community.

A key factor contributing to the school’s outstanding performance is the emphasis on a culture of respect. The environment ensures that everyone feels valued and heard, creating a sense of belonging among both pupils and staff. This culture extends beyond the school walls, reflected in high attendance rates well above the national average.
Mr Ayre, Headteacher, commented “The Pontefract Academies Trust plays a crucial role in supporting Carleton Park’s success, investing in the professional development of staff and promoting a culture of continuous improvement. The guiding principle of “Pupils come first!” ensures that pupils’ needs and wellbeing remain at the forefront of decision-making.”

The school’s exceptional performance in reading, writing, and maths sets it apart from other primaries. The carefully cultivated culture of striving to be the best is evident in every aspect, creating a unique identity that underpins everything, including personal development.

Carleton Park’s commitment to widening pupils’ personal development is reflected in the numerous opportunities provided. The school goes above and beyond to offer a wider range of experiences without compromising academic achievement.

The pupils at Carleton Park embody the school’s values, demonstrating a genuine desire to attend school, with a remarkable year-to-date attendance of 97%, well above the national average. The focus on creating independent learners, team players, and resilient individuals contributes to a well-rounded pupil body.

Looking ahead, Carleton Park aims for sustained success by maintaining high expectations and continuously setting and meeting ambitious goals. The school’s impressive track record, consistently ranking in the top 10 in Wakefield each year, reflects its commitment to being a premier institution. The staff and pupils continue to strive each day to be the best they can be!