‘Carleton Talks’ Podcast Series

‘Carleton Talks’ Podcast Series: Empowering Student Voices on Modern Issues

Carleton High School is proud to announce the launch of an ambitious new initiative, ‘Carleton Talks.’ Carleton Talks is a captivating podcast series crafted by students in collaboration with an award-winning content creator, Podlounge. This project represents a dynamic exploration of pertinent issues faced by young individuals in contemporary Britain. Through Carleton Talks, students from various year groups delve deep into topics such as social media, gender equality, religious diversity, and LGBTQ+ rights. Each podcast episode showcases insightful discussions and personal reflections from Carleton High students.

Assistant Headteacher Kaeti Rawling emphasised the significance of providing students with a platform to engage openly on crucial subjects. “Carleton Talks empowers our students to initiate meaningful conversations using a medium that resonates with them, witnessing their mature articulation of viewpoints, their willingness to challenge perspectives, and their candid sharing of experiences has been truly inspiring.”

Year 10 student Evie commented, “I found the whole experience really eye opening in so many different ways. Firstly, by hearing and respecting the opinions of others, secondly being able to work alongside students in different year groups on this project and finally seeing the fantastic way podcasts are made and the technology needed to film and record our episodes. I am so proud that our work will be used to showcase to others how young people can voice their views. It was really great fun to spend time working on this.”

Teacher Philippa Lambert summed up the work of the students, “Eloquent, astute and passionate are just three of the words I would use to describe our students who participated in the Carleton Talks podcast. They discussed topics entrenched with layers of political, social and economic matters that not only impact them individually, but us as a community and even more widely as a nation. As their teacher, I was proud to hear them express their views with knowledge, reason and respect.”

The first episode of Carleton Talks was launched on Monday 29th April and can be viewed via the school website. Carleton Talks can be found here: Carleton Talks