Larks Hill Junior & Infant School Brighten up Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield Trust

Primary school children in Pontefract have been hard at work to create bright and uplifting paintings to be displayed in Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield with the aim of bringing a smile to patients during the festive season.

The children involved in the project are in year 6 at Larks Hill Junior & Infant School, part of Pontefract Academies Trust in Pontefract.  The project is in partnership with the Pontefract Civic Society and the children’s drawings will also be used on Christmas banners in Pontefract town centre.

Headteacher at Larks Hill Junior & Infant School, Ian Shuttleworth said: “It is such an honour for all the children to have their artwork displayed across the hospital in Wakefield and in Pontefract town centre.  We’re hoping that the children’s friends and family can come and enjoy looking at their creations.  The children are very creative and when they heard that their work was going to bring Christmas cheer to people who may be alone at Christmas and in hospital it really did give them a wonderful sense of pride.”