The Larks Hill Little Library is Launched to Inspire the Local Community to Love Books

A group of Year 6 pupils at Larks Hill Junior & Infant School, part of Pontefract Academies Trust, who are avid book worms, have worked together with their teacher to create a unique book offering for their local community in Pontefract.

The ten children, who formed a book club back in September have been meeting once every two weeks to share their passion and knowledge of reading. Since then, they have been thinking of ideas of how they could spread their passion into the local community.

With the help of Heather Howard, Year 6 teacher at the school, they have created the Larks Hill Little Library with an upcycled wardrobe, which is now situated outside of the school gates and packed full of books, in the hope that anyone passing by will take a book and maybe even leave a book.

Heather Howard said: “The library itself very much reminds me of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The idea is that you open the door and you’re flooded with thoughts and feelings around reading. Reading is a personal passion of mine that I have introduced to my class but it’s also what underpins everything we do within our Trust. From an educational perspective we believe that reading is the gateway to everything! The children are so excited to see the library in use.”

Banks Avenue Little Free Library in Pontefract were the first to visit the idea creation and donate a range of much loved children’s books.